Oldschool Runescape Grand Exchange Data

Since Feb 2019 I have collected over 18,000 snapshots of recent market behaviour from public OSbuddy data. On ~8 minute intervals, this dataset features average-buy, average-sell, buy-quantity, sell-quantity (and more!) for all 3,518 items which are exchange-listable in the game.

An example of the raw data I collect every eight minutes can be found here, and an example spreadsheet of processed data can be found here.

I believe this data is prosperous, having personally had moderate success with a pair trading variant as well as catching flash crashes which seem to be common in such an illiquid market.

Unfortunately I do not currently have time, nor interest in the game, to further explore forcasting and other trading strategies with this dataset. Hence, it is available for you to purchase for approximately 0.005 BTC or in a cryptocurrency of your choice, but also open to other offers. Email me!

I can also throw in my python notebooks for correlation & flash crash trading, as well as other python utilities to fetch live prices and handle data.


Proliferating Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash

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The Origin of GW190425

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GW190425 is the second detection of gravitational waves originating from a double neutron star inspiral; the topic of my honours thesis and team’s paper.

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