I am currently looking to take on more work and projects - Especially anything related to Bitcoin, software, quantitative trading. Please see my CV, check out what ive been working on recently below. Contact me.


  • Built a self custody Bitcoin payment processor, SatSale. It support lightning and on-chain payments, and is free software under the MIT license.
  • Explored algorithmic & quantitative trading
    • On-chain analytics and smart contract monitoring
    • Market making - cross exchange (centralised and decentralised) arbitrage
    • Volume profile analyses for directional strategies
    • Keen to get more experience. Interested in joining a prop shop/firm to leverage my skillset within a team
  • Completed my honours year of Physics at Monash University (Sept 2019).
  • Worked as a part-time mathematics & physics tutor, as well as some ski instructing during the Australian winter.

Most recently I have been interested in:

  • Learning C through experimenting with elliptic-curve cryptography and by trying to write a Bitcoin vanity address generator.
  • Custom GNU/Linux desktop environments. I recently installed Arch (btw) on my new laptop and have been exploring customisation such as the tiling window manager i3:
    • desktop image
  • Cryptocurrency tech, primarily decentralised prediction markets & exchanges.
  • Web scraping & other quickly cooked up python projects.

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