Previously I have worked for one of the largest tutoring companies in my area. I offer highschool & university level tutoring for individuals, and also groups at a discounted rate (~4 max). I also offer introductory sessions to subjects like Python programming, HTML & CSS webdesign, and Linux.

For a quote please email with the subject of your tutoring needs! Feel free to attach assignments or relevant coursework, I always prepare for my sessions beforehand.

University Tutoring

Primarily I tutor mathematics and physics at all levels. I also tutor first year biology, chemistry, and computer science.

Though in the past I have tutored other subjects which I did not complete at university, such as basic machine learning and statistics with R. Please contact me to inquire about other subjects! Below are a list of some of the units I undertook at Monash University which I am comfortable tutoring:

Unit code Unit title
FIT1045 Introduction To Algorithms And Programming
PHS1011 Classical Physics And Relativity
PHS1022 Fields And Quantum Physics
PHS2061 Quantum And Thermal Physics
MTH1035 Techniques For Modelling (Advanced)
MTH2021 Linear Algebra With Applications
MTH2222 Mathematics Of Uncertainty
MTH2032 Differential Equations With Modelling
MTH3251 Financial Mathematics
MTH2232 Mathematical Statistics
BIO1011 Biology 1
CHM1011 Chemistry 1
CHM1022 Chemistry 2
SCI2015 Scientific Practice And Communication (Advanced)

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Highschool Tutoring (VCE & GAMSAT Medical Exam)

I am proficient in tutoring highscool, and have experience with years 8-12 as well as students preparing for the GAMSAT. Year 11/12 subjects:

VCE Subject
Further Mathematics
Mathematical Methods
Specialist Mathematics

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Other Tutoring

I also offer introductions to a number of other subjects. These subjects are a great choice to keep your children occupied for a few hours! In my opinion these are the sessions my students most enjoy, whilst also being highly valuable outside of school/uni:

General Tutoring
Python (2 & 3, all areas)
HTML & CSS (Web design)
Linux (Installation & Basics)

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